Semien Fox

Red fox at the Semien National Park


Mountain Nyala

One of Ethiopia's endemic Animals



Gelada Baboon

The red hearted Monkey


  Nature & Wildlife
(One of the best places to visit when you come to Africa)

Ethiopia is a full of beautiful nature and wild life, which contains the great blue nile fall which is the begining to the Nile River that crosses Egypt and down. There are also many endemic animals.

Bale mountain national park

Rising to the height of more than 4000m, the range borders the south highlands of Ethiopia. Mount Tullu Dumtu, the highest peak in southern Ethiopia, reaches 4377 meters. The Afro alpine evergreen forest of the 24002 kilometer of bale mountain national park was crucial to the survival of the mountain Nyala, Menelik Bush Buck, and Semien red Fox.

Nech Sar national park

A sanctuary for the endemic Swaynes Hartbeest an endangered subspecies throughout Ethiopia. The 5142km park is situated in the rift valley 2000 meters above sea level between lakes Abaya and Chamo in south central Ethiopia. Although mainly open grassland, savanna woodland and highland forest. Inside the park you may see Burchelli Zebra, Swaynes Hartbeast, Greater Kudu, and Red Buck. And you may also see birds like Kori Bustard, Franclin, and Ground Trush.


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