Semien Fox

Red fox at the Semien National Park


Mountain Nyala

One of Ethiopia's endemic Animals



Gelada Baboon

The red hearted Monkey


  Nature & Wildlife
(One of the best places to visit when you come to Africa)

Ethiopia is a full of beautiful nature and wild life, which contains the great blue nile fall which is the begining to the Nile River that crosses Egypt and down. There are also many endemic animals.

Lake Abijjata Shalla

West of Langano lie the twin lakes of Abijjata Shalla, which form part of the 8872km lake Abijjata Shalla national park. Identical twins these lakes are not. Shalla’s 4102km surface sits within a collapsed volcanic caldera and depths exceed 260m in some areas, while Abijjata’s highly alkaline waters rest in a shallow pan no more than 14m in depth.

Despite their natural beauty, these lakes are best known for their bird life. At Abijjata, never more than 10meters deep greater and lesser Flamingos abound, along with white-necked Cormorants, several species of Herons, Storks, Spoonbills, Ibises, African Ducks, Gulls, and Terns.

During the northern winter thousands of Asiatic and European Ducks and Waders migrate to Abijjata’s shores. Lake Shalla is well known for its large colony of great White Pelicans (most important colony for this species in Africa).

Lake Abaya & Chamo

Ringed by savannah plains and divided by the “Bridge of God”, lakes Abaya & Chamo are truly beautiful. Measuring 11602km, lake Abaya is the rift valley’s largest lake. If out on the Abaya’s waters, try to spot the Haruras in their high prowled boats.

Lake Langano

The 210kms south of Addis Ababa, brown and copper coloured lake Langano beckons. Set against the 4000m blue Arsi Mountains, is a dream come true for many brits. The clean and is one Ethiopia’s lake free from bilharzias; so it is good for swimming, aquatic sports. The birding is excellent on some of the more remote sections of this 3002km lake, and over 300 species have been recorded, including the Ethiopian cliff Swallow.

Best for Sunbathing, camping, and bird watching. Along the shores cliff dwellers and acacia inhabiting birds set up a noisy chatter, including fan-tailed Ravens and Hornbills, most notably Hemprich’s Hornbill.


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