Semien Fox

Red fox at the Semien National Park


Mountain Nyala

One of Ethiopia's endemic Animals



Gelada Baboon

The red hearted Monkey


  Nature & Wildlife
(One of the best places to visit when you come to Africa)

Ethiopia is a full of beautiful nature and wild life, which contains the great blue nile fall which is the begining to the Nile River that crosses Egypt and down. There are also many endemic animals.

Dallol (Danakil Depression)

Earth’s lowest known volcanic vents, is a field of phreatic creators in the barren salt plain and colorful hot brine springs and fumarolic deposits.


Lake Wonchi

The lake occupies an area of 560 hectares of land at a depth of 78meters. The forest around the lake is home for different wildlife including many species of aquatic birds. Kirkos monastery found on one of the small islands, was established by emperor Zera Yakob round the 15th century.


Lake Zeway

Surrounded by the blue volcanic hills, 165km south of Addis Ababa, and covering a massive 4252km is lake Ziway, the largest of the northern group of rift valley lakes. It’s an attractive enough place, but it’s best known for its bird life. While Pelicans, Black Egrets, Saddle bill and Yellow bill Storks are all seen here, as well as a variety of Kingfishers and waterfowl.

The lake is also home to five little volcanic islands, of which once boasted medieval churches. Tullu Gudo, 14km from Ziway and the largest island, is still home to three monasteries.


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