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  History & Histrorical Attraction sites
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Ethiopia is one of the countries who has an interesting ancient history. Come and visit the most ancient building castels churches and many more. You will be facinated on the structure of the building the following are some of the major historical places that you should visit.


For centuries Bahar Dar has been a place of commercial importance in late 16th century or early 17th century, when the capital of Ethiopia was located in the vicinity of the lake. There are more than 32 monasteries on the island of the lake Tana, which most date from the 17th century.

During the region of Emperor Susenyous (1606-1632) Bahar Dar attracted to erect two-storied building in the compound of St. George church. Despite Bahar being one of Ethiopia’s most attractive towns.

Debre Damo

Perched precariously atop a sheer-sided amba (flat-topped mountain), 86km northeast of Axum, is one of Ethiopia's most important religious sites. Debre Damo is thought to dated back to Axumite times and the 6th century region of king Gebre Meskel.

It boasts what's likely the oldest standing church in the country. The monastery was found by Abuna Aregawi, one of the legendary nine saints, with a little help from a heavenly snake


The county’s most ancient temple, a remarkable huge stone structure, and a fine and richly endowed Ethiopian church of more modern times. The ancient city of Yeha was first described in the early 16th century by the intrepid Portuguese traveler Franco Alvarez, who was stuck, like so many foreign visitors after him, by the old age temple.

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