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  Festivals & Ceremonies
(major ceremonies which are heald through out the year)

There are a lot of festivals and Ceremonies which will be held throughout the year. It will be one of the best memoriable stay here if you are arround the day which most of the major festivals and ceremonies are held. Some of them are discripbed below.

Ethiopian New Year (September 11)

The Ethiopian New Year falls in September (Meskerem) at the big rains. The sun comes out to shine all day long creating an atmosphere stunning clarity and fresh clean air. The highlands turns to gold as the Meskel daisies explode out in their entire magnificence. Ethiopian children dressed in brand new clothes, dance through the villages giving bouquets of flowers and painted pictures to each family. In September is both New Year’s Day and the feast of St. John the Baptist.

The day called Enkutatash of Sheba returned from her expensive trip to visit king Solomon in Jerusalem, her chief welcomed her treasury with Enku or jewels. The spring festival has been celebrated since these early times and as the rains come to their sudden end, dancing and singing can be heard at every village in green countryside. After dark on New Year eve people light fires outside their houses.

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Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic state with a great variety of languages spoken in the country, of which there are eighty three, with some 200 dialects. The main t


There are two seasons: the dry season prevails from October through May; the wet season runs from June to September.

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The local currency is the Ethiopian birr, made up of 100cents. Notes are issued in denominations of 1,5,10,50 and 100 birr. There are five different coins: 1


Despite its proximity to the Equator, Ethiopia's high altitude ensures a temprature, moderate, even chilly climate -- certainly not tropical. There are two r

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