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Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic state with a great variety of languages spoken in the country, of which there are eighty three, with some 200 dialects. The main three languages are Amharic, Tigrigna and Oramigna. English is also widely spoken. Amharic is the most prominent of the local languages. The name originates from the Amhara people, who live in the highlands of Ethiopia. Click here to learn a few useful phrases in Amharic.


There are two seasons: the dry season prevails from October through May; the wet season runs from June to September.


The local currency is the Ethiopian birr, made up of 100cents. Notes are issued in denominations of 1,5,10,50 and 100 birr. There are five different coins: 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 cents.


Despite its proximity to the Equator, Ethiopia's high altitude ensures a temprature, moderate, even chilly climate -- certainly not tropical. There are two rainy  seasons: the irregular short rains from late January to early March and the long rains from June until mid- September


The population of Ethiopia today is estimated to be approximately 61 million. Approximately 26%  are under the age of 14  and almost half are under 34.


Ethiopia uses 220 volts and 50 Hz. It is best  to bring your own round, two-prong adapter and transformer if necessary.


Drivers require a valid International driving licence which can be obtained by exchanging your local licence at the Transport and Communications office on Asmera Road in Addis Ababa. Visitors can recover their original licences a day or so prior to departure. Those with their own vehicles will require a permit from the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Driving is on the right.

National Parks

Abijatta - Shalla Lakes National Park, Oromia Region Awash National P{ark, Oromia/Afar Region Bale Mountains National Park, Oromia Region Gambella National Park, Mago National Park, South Omo Region NechSar National Park Southern Omo Region Omo National Park Amhara Region Yangudi Rassa National Park.


Ethiopia Follows the Julian Calandar, which consists of twelve months of thirty days each and a thirteenth month of five days (six days in a leap year). The Calandar is seven years and eight months behind the Western (Gregorian) Calandar.

Town and Cities

The second largest town in Ethiopia is Dire Dawa with a population of  99,980 in 1984. Gondar is the third largest town, with a population of 80,675 in 1984.


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Addis- Debre Libanos- Mengesha forest-Addis
Tour Code : FPTT- 007


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