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Mr. Beda Troxler

I came with my other native people on Septembe...

Dr. Bruno Strebel

Ethiopia is a beautiful country I’ve ever seen. You know it is not my first time I came to Ethiopia. But, when I always comes this country the people are always wel...

About 4 Products Tour

FOUR PRODUCTS Tour & Travel agency gets its name from the four tourism products found in Ethiopia - Nature, Culture, History, & Events. FOUR PRODUCTS Tour & Travel allows visitors the opportunity to see popular sites and attractions that reflect the rich history of country, while giving travelers the chance to encounter the “real” Ethiopia. With FOUR PRODUCTS, clients experience authentic interactions with Ethiopian people and culture. Guest are also able to explore all the natural wonders of the country. 

Established in 2004, the company’s objective is to provide superior quality service and make sure that its clients enjoy the best that Ethiopia has to offer. FOUR PRODUCTS Tour & Travel is staffed with experienced tour operators, guides, driver-guides and cooks, all of whom  have traveled  extensively throughout the country and beyond. They are quite familiar with all the areas. The cooks are experienced professionals who are able to prepare delicious local and international meals. At the same time, the company is equipped with modern and comfortable vehicles, suitable to Ethiopian climate and road conditions. 

Four Products Tour  and Travel is a member of the Society of Tour Operators in Addis Ababa (STOA), Yihche Nat Ethiopia Association and Rehabilitations for the Deaf Society Association (RDSA). In addition to our regular tour itineraries, FOUR PRODUCTS Tour & Travel offers custom-tailored tours and safaris to suit our clients’ individual needs.

Tour Services & Facilities

Our Company is one of the biggest tour guide operator in Ethiopia. One of the reasons people choose our service is because of the facilities that we provide during our tour guide operation.


According to your choice of tour package we will prepare every facilities that are needed for the tour. We have enough four wheel drive vehicles that facilitates your comfort together with that can overcome the rugged road at the country side.


We have also full facilitated camping gear for every tour, also for trekking programs. In addition to these our staff members are multilingual that can response to your request with your own language.



Staff Members

We provide our tour guide service by a group of multilingual tourguiders. You will not have difficulties in expressing what you want to ask or express yourself. Our tour guiders not only knows diffrent languages but also have a deep knowledge of the places that you are going to visit.

You will get a wel explanation on the historical natural places.

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